Staying Healthy on a Budget

Staying Healthy on a Budget

Everywhere, every day you tend to come across topics about the importance of healthy eating but with the busy lifestyles, rise of junk food outlets and the never ending cravings you get, sticking to healthy eating habits is harder than running a marathon.

For those who successfully manage to get on a healthy diet, the rising bill is another worry. Nutritious meals seem to be more expensive than the scrumptious, extra oily, or sweet-tooth satisfying goodies, isn’t it?

The only way out of this problem? Back to basics! A few changes that are a little too obvious for our mothers and grandmothers apparently is the best idea to grasp if you want to eat healthy and not break a bank for it.


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1. Don’t shop when hungry
2. Plan your meals and its portion for the entire week.
3. Shop only with a grocery list.
4. Track your junk food intake so you know what to cut down on.


1. As Sri Lankans can never give up their beloved rice and curry, perhaps switch to brown rice – whole grains are healthy and doesn’t put a dent on your wallet.

Rice and Curry, Sri Lanka's Exotic Cuisine

2. Fruits & veggies are in abundant supply in our country therefore make sure you benefit from it. Steamed veggies, a daily dose of fruit, and home-made fresh juice are ideal ways to save your money and stay healthy.

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3. Detox waters, which you can make yourself with a combination of different ingredients (fruits, vegetables, herbs) if you find regular water boring to consume but desire to intake recommended levels of water. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

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