Dealing with Dandruff

Dealing with Dandruff

The elegant black dress which should be worn with confidence, is rotting in the closet. Your favorite care free hairstyles are no more a favorite. White flakes on your shoulders can be embarrassing, the flaky and itchy scalp bothers many on a daily basis. Dandruff is a common affliction that many people suffer from. It is believed to be contagious though it is not says science. Actually, what causes dandruff? Knowing the causes can make treatment more effective and prevent it in the long-term. Learning just how to cope with it, itself can keep it at bay.

Allergy to certain chemicals in hair care products can cause dandruff, your scalp will thank you for discontinuing such products with harsh chemicals.

Too oily. Areas rich in oil glands usually form red greasy skin covered with white or yellow flakes. Choosing an appropriate shampoo to wash off the grease will make it difficult to reappear.

Too dry. Now this type of scaling is due to inadequate hydration. Hydrating yourself is the best remedy. Intake of 8 glasses or more can make you can feel more confident in your scalp, skin, and healthy hair in general.

Not shampooing often enough to wash away the grease, oil, dirt, dust and the dead skin cells will give rise to bacteria formation, which eventually lead to inflammation. Washing your hair daily will minimize or sometimes eradicate dandruff. Mild cases can be treated with daily shampooing using an anti-dandruff shampoo and sever dandruff can be controlled by medicated shampoos prescribed by a physician.

Hormones. It is the male hormone which is responsible for dandruff as it is concluded by researchers, explains why men are more prone to dandruff.

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