Motivation to Workout

Motivation to Workout

You know the awesome feeling when you sign up for the gym, a new Zumba or aerobics class or invest in some expensive exercising equipment?

You have an adrenaline rush and a zeal to make the most out of it but after a few days or weeks find it immensely difficult to hop out of bed or shuffle aside other priorities to stick to your commitment.

If you find this situation a little too familiar, perhaps a few helpful tips to consider might be:


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The reason you want to workout is because you want to be fitter and have a specific goal in mind. Give yourself a constant reminder about your goal. Visualisation is a powerful method in goal setting, used by athletes, entrepreneurs, visionaries and anyone who has a goal in mind. It involves using creative imagery to train your mind for success.

Put up a vision board with images that remind you of your goal. For e.g. a picture of a fitter and leaner person if that’s the result you are striving for. The more often you see this, the deeper is the need to work towards it.


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When an activity becomes a habit it is easier to follow through. Until workouts become second nature to you, encourage yourself to endure it by giving yourself a reward – a tangible treat for being good enough to stick to the plan.


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This is someone who helps you to stick to a commitment. Find someone who you will have to answer to if your fall off from a consistent training. Make sure they will be quite demanding. Promise them a big treat if you fail. That will encourage you to try your best not to fail and to stick to your commitment.


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Your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Using affirmations repeatedly helps to rewire your deeply ingrained thinking patters, essential for a paradigm shift of your mind. Use short, concise affirmations to tell yourself whatever you want to believe in and manifest in your life.

If this is the first time, it might feel silly or strange but once you understand the dynamics of the mind, it will be a very useful tool for training your mind.

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